Whats under the table…

😊💪💋 #progress

My new cardio love. So nice to alternate fightform and antigravity yoga with! 😊😊😊 #alyannasfitnessparty

Taking the hugabunnies to a kiddie party! I love how they really dressed up according to the theme 🔨🔧🔩🚜

Impromptu #alyannasfitnessparty!! Kangoo Jumps is so fun! @alyannamartinez @mikaelamartinez @pattyang_ @sampinto_ @nicole_andersson 💪

Flying Fitness @igobeyondyoga

Reunion of sorts 💋 @valeriedls @kitbarraquias @miqui_b @piacabreira @robbycarmona @joeymeadking @phoemelabaranda @dottie1277 😊

Welcome home dinner for @piacabreira 💋 @valeriedls @officialtimyap @phoemelabaranda

#ootd @boomsason sideboob top, ntice leggings, @dassisters booties, givenchy bag 💋

Taking these babies out since it’s pouring outside ❤

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